Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words

 Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words

Main Cover Picture of (Aaliyan-conversation+2000-words)

Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words is Good Book For Kids and Primary School Students this Conversation Based on Sindh Text Book Board Course Book Based on Basic Grammer composition & General Knowledge 

Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words Book is Published by Mehran & ZamZam Publishers and Written by Rahat Ali Khan Bhutto

Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words Book is Divided among Six Parts

All Conversation +2000 Words Book Parts Explained Below

  • First Part;-English Alphabet with Sounds 
  • Second Part;- is Based on Conversation 
  • The second Part is The Main Part of Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words Book
  • Third Parts is Based on  Words of Book Of Class 6 Lessons Difficult Words
  • The fourth Part is Based on  Words of Book Of Class 7 Lessons Difficult Words
  • The fifth Part is Based on  Words of Book Of Class 8 Lessons Difficult Words.
  • Sixth and Last Part of Book is Paragraphs, Some Phrases of Daily Use

Prize of Aaliyan Conversation+2000 Words Book is Rs;60 PKR But Our Website www. providing u free in pdf Form Click on Download Button to Download Aaliyan Conversation +2000 Words Book

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I always recommend every new student to must-read Aaliyan Conversation+2000 Words

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