Books and their authors

 Books and their authors MCQs

       1.       Who wrote the Book “War and Peace”?

A.      Mahatma Gandhi

B.      Leo Tolstoy

C.      Shakespeare

D.      Charles Dickens

        2.       “Higher than hopes” (by Fatima Meer) is a biography of:

A.      Mother Teresa

B.      Nelson Mandela

C.      Bishop Titu

D.      John Keats

        3.       The famous book “Daughter of the East” is written by:

A.      Z. A Bhutto

B.      Fatima Meer

C.      Benazir Bhutto

D.      L. A Khan

        4.       Shahnama was written by:

A.      Firdausi

B.      Al-Beruni

C.      Amir Khusro

D.      None of these

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