Choose the Correct Preposition Online Test

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Hello Educaties,

I am here to give you the challenge to check your Preposition preparation. Grammar is very important in Universities Tests.

it is our responsibility to prepare students for different University tests like Sindh University Entry test 2023, Mehran Engineering University, and Karachi University Test.

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#1. His mother died ______ Cholera.

#2. Would you prefer to work _____ a factory or _____ a form?

#3. He went to school ______ walk.

#4. ___________ illness, he could not attend the party

#5. He is speaking _________ his best friend.

#6. Compare your answers ______ those of your partner.

#7. It was really nice _____ meet you.

#8. Don’t be late _____ school.

#9. Athar is _____ vacation.

#10. Look ____ the flowers.

#11. Mega event happened _____ half past seven.

#12. Can I come and sit _______ you?

#13. Don’t be late ______ Office.

#14. Athar moved here _____ October.

#15. Athar drew the picture ______ a colored Pencil.

#16. The bank does not open ________ 10 am.

#17. were you ______ time for your appointment? Or were you late?

#18. Throw the ball ______ Athar, please.

#19. What’s that book _______?

#20. we need some sugar, we are almost completely _______ it.


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