Famous Places in the World

 Famous Places in the World MCQs

1.       The official residence of the Pope is in:

A.      England

B.      America

C.      Vatican city

D.      Rome


2.       With which activity is the Wall Street in New York, US associated:

A.      Films

B.      Banking and finance

C.      Defence

D.      Literacy art

3.       The famous “Eiffel Tower” is in:

A.      Paris

B.      Italy

C.      New York

D.      London

4.       “Golan Heights” is belongs to:

A.      Syria

B.      Israel

C.      Iran

D.      Kuwait

5.       “Waterloo” is located in:

A.      France

B.      Belgium

C.      Switzerland

D.      England

6.       Where is the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” is situated in:

A.      America

B.      Italy

C.      France

D.      China

7.       The Yellowstone National Park is in:

A.      US

B.      China

C.      Italy

D.      Nepal

8.       “Statue of Liberty” is situated in:

A.      Ottawa

B.      New York

C.      Rome

D.      London

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