First, Largest, Oldest in the World

 First, Largest, Oldest in the World MCQs

      1.       The first women in space was:

A.      Jumbo Tabei

B.      Valentina Tereshkova

C.      Sally Ride

D.      Bachandri Pal

      2.       The first satellite was launched by:

A.      Japan

B.      United States

C.      USSR

D.      France

      3.       Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

A.      Angel Falls

B.      Menial Falls

C.      Jog Falls

D.      Niagara Falls

      4.       Which is the following is smallest country?

A.      Cuba

B.      Japan

C.      Nepal

D.      Vatican City

      5.       The largest island in the world is:

A.      Tasmania

B.      Greenland

C.      Cyprus

D.      Iceland

      6.       The space shuttle which landed on moon was:

A.      Apollo

B.      Eagle

C.      Challenger

D.      Explorer

     7.       Which of the following country is the largest producer of coal:

A.      South Africa

B.      United States

C.      China

D.      Russia

     8.       The first satellite launched was:

A.      Sputnik

B.      Apollo

C.      Pioneer

D.      Luna II

     9.       The largest man made canal in the world:

A.      Rhine Canal

B.      Suez Canal

C.      Panama Canal

D.      None of these

     10.   Which is the largest Gulf in the world:

A.      Gulf of Mexico

B.      Persian Mexico

C.      Gulf of Cambay

D.      None of these

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