General Knowledge Test 2

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Hello Students.

After a long time, we are uploading General Knowledge Test No 2. Suppose you are preparing for any job, interview, or university entry test like Sindh University Jamshoro. You can participate in all Online Tests we have uploaded before this one.

Our website always finds any way for students to prepare them through this platform if you are new here you need to know our work on our website first.

We are always useful for students to make them prepare with Online Tests, Notes, and Books. Remember our name for Further Admission Alerts, Jobs Alerts.

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#1. The largest internet using country in the world?

#2. Longest river in the Asia is?

#3. How many prophets are mentioned in holy Quran?

#4. What is the capital of Spain?

#5. Which is the biggest cricket ground in the world?

#6. The oldest revealed book?

#7. Who is the current Foreign minister of Pakistan?

#8. Where is the kot diji fort?

#9. Larkana is famous for?

#10. Who is current minister of climate change?

#11. The Pakistan steel mill is located in which city?

#12. Who won FIFA world cup 2018

#13. What is the currency of Malaysia?

#14. Haj pilgrims are required to wear ihram at place called?

#15. Durand line border between Pak and Afghanistan was drawn in?

#16. The first migration of companions of of holy prophet PBUH was?

#17. Bilawal park is located in which city of Sindh?

#18. Microsoft windows is the great invention of?

#19. Which country has highest natural gas reserves?

#20. Who wrote the book” The Republic”?


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