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General Science Quiz Test

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#1. What is the temperature of the dead human body on Celsius scale?

#2. Which of the following metals is used to make aircraft body?

#3. The chemical formula of Methane gas is?

#4. In a railway track, two rails are joined end to end with a small gap between then because ?

#5. Which of the following is true?

#6. The energy possessed by water in dam is?

#7. When a man fires a gun, he is pushed back slightly, due to?

#8. A balloon filled with hydrogen, rises in the air, because?

#9. Which of the following expands on heating?

#10. It is dangerous to sleep under the trees at night, because?

#11. Which color of clothes is a good reflector of heat?

#12. The hardest part of the human body is?

#13. S.I unit for mass is?

#14. Which of the following has three hearts?

#15. Which of the following scientists developed the first major Atomic Theory of matter?

#16. Which of the following is used to make cosmetics?

#17. Which of the following are Cold-blooded vertebrates?

#18. The mass per unit volume is called?

#19. Which of planet of the Solar system is the coldest planet?

#20. Which of the following is not the part of the Solar system?

#21. The percentage of water in whole Milk is about?

#22. The S.I unit of electric current is?

#23. Long-Sight defect is connected by the using?

#24. Which of the following convert chemical energy into electrical energy?

#25. Which gas is used in Refrigerators to cool things?

#26. Which of the following is not a conductor?

#27. CNG stands for?

#28. Which of the following keeps the circulation of blood in the body?

#29. Sound can not travel through?

#30. The body’s largest blood vessel is?

#31. Prism breaks light up into?

#32. The disease scurvy is caused by a lack of?

#33. Normal blood pressure of healthy adult person is?

#34. Which part of body filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body?

#35. Chemical formula of Lime is?

#36. Which of the following is Longitudinal waves?

#37. The first person who found vitamins was?

#38. The symbol of Gold is?

#39. The unit of measure the speed of microprocessor of a computer is?

#40. which vitamin plays important role in bone building and blood clotting?

#41. Normal blood pressure of healthy adult person is?

#42. which of the following is not the part of Inner Solar System?

#43. The age of a tree is determined by

#44. Keyboard of a Computer system is?

#45. The air contains?

#46. The chemical formula of Lime is?

#47. Sulfur is used in?

#48. Blood pressure is measured by?

#49. The body’s largest blood vessel is?

#50. One centimeter is equal to?

#51. The main functions of kidneys are?

#52. The unit of mass in C.G.S system is?

#53. Gulielmo Marconi invented?

#54. - Concave lens causes rays to?

#55. which of the following is not citrus fruit?

#56. The S.I unit of electrical charge is?

#57. Which of the following is mamal?

#58. Which of the following contains large quantity of vitamin C ?

#59. Which of the following acid is produced in our stomach to digest food?

#60. Which vitamin is necessary for vision in dim light?

#61. Water is used for drinking should be?

#62. Which of the following extracts waste from blood?

#63. The planet that does not contain nitrogen gas is?

#64. Which of the following is not cold-blooded animal?

#65. Which of the following belongs to blood circulatory system?

#66. An object possesses the energy to its motion is called?

#67. Chemical symbol of Copper is?

#68. ‘’The Law of Inertiab’’ is also known as?

#69. Prism breaks light up into?

#70. Hydrogen was discovered by?

#71. The light gas that provides a larger elevation for balloon is?

#72. Which of the following does not lay eggs?

#73. The chemical formula of common salt is?

#74. Frog does not have?

#75. Digestion food begins in?

#76. For purifying drinking water, Alum(Phitkari) is used?

#77. Air is a?

#78. The ozone layer restricts?

#79. Chemical name of laughing gas is?

#80. The hardest substance available on Earth is?

#81. Which of the following is used in pencils?

#82. Which gas is filled in light electric bulb?

#83. Most common element on the Earth crust is?

#84. The biggest planet in Solar system is?

#85. Who invented the bulb?

#86. Which type of fire, extinguisher uses for petroleum fire?

#87. Hydrogen was discovered by?

#88. Which part of Human body produces bile?

#89. The disease caused by Iron deficiency is?

#90. ‘’The Law Of Inertia’’ is also known as?

#91. Which gas is used in refrigerators to cool things?

#92. CNG stands for?

#93. Biology is the __________ .

#94. Sound is a?

#95. Mass of Earth is?

#96. Atomic weight of Hg is?

#97. Xylem and Phloem are the?

#98. Louis Pasteur was a?

#99. Amount of a substance is measured in ______ unit.

#100. Who invented the Radio?

#101. Very small and very large quantities are expressed in?

#102. Unit of frequency is?

#103. Cholestrol is a important precursor in the biosynthesis of?


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