Human Body Facts

     Human Body Facts MCQs

1.       The largest gland in the human body is:

A.      Heart

B.      Kidney

C.      Liver

D.      Brain

     2.       How many bones are there in human body?

A.      100

B.      150

C.      206

D.      238

     3.       The largest Cell in the human body is:

A.      Liver Cell

B.      Nerve Cell

C.      Muscle Cell

D.      Kidney Cell

     4.       Dialysis is used when the patient has serious trouble with:

A.      Kidneys

B.      Liver

C.      Spleen

D.      Heart

     5.       Wisdom teeth normally grow during the age of:

A.      17-30 years

B.      12-15 years

C.      30-40 years

D.      40-45 years

     6.       The normal temperature of the human body is:

A.      280K

B.      310k

C.      335K

D.      360K

     7.       Life of RBC in human blood is of:

A.      130 days

B.      120 days

C.      110 days

D.      90 days

     8.       The largest part of the human brain is:

A.      Cerebellum

B.      Cerebrum

C.      Mid-brain

D.      Medulla

     9.       A heartbeat requires approximately:

A.      0.8 seconds

B.      20 seconds

C.      1 minute

D.      50 seconds

     10.   Heart attack occurs due to:

A.      Bacterial attack on the heart

B.      Lack of blood supply to the heart itself

C.      Stopping of hearth beat

D.      None of these

     11.   The blood pressure is the pressure of blood in:

A.      Arteries

B.      Veins

C.      Thighbone

D.      Gullet

     12.   The normal temperature of the human body:

A.      98.6 F

B.      96.4 F

C.      93.4 F

D.      100 F

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