MCQs Set-2 (English)

Choose the correct PREPOSITION to complete the sentence:

1.      The bank doesn’t open ______ 10 a.m

A.      A. For                    B. Still               C. Until             D. Just

2.      Were you ___ time for your appointment? Or were you late?

A.     A. To                      B. At                 C. Of                  D. On

3.      Throw the ball ___ jack, please.

A.    A.  Next                  B. To                 C. Beneath       D. Against

4.      What’s that book ________?

A.    A.  About                B. To                  C. From           D. Of

5.      We need some sugar, We’re almost completely it.

A.     A. Out                    B. Out of           C. Over            D. Through



Choose the word correct SPELLING from the given options:

6.      European

7.      Vocabulary

8.      Development

9.      Columnist

10.  Disciplinary


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