MCQs Set-8 (General Knowledge)


1.      Which of the following is known as “Dauta Gang Bakhsh”?

(A)   Shaikh Ali Bin Usman Al-Hajveri

(B)   Shaikh Fariddudin Masud Ganj Sarkar

(C)   Pir Mehar Ali Shah

(D)  Syed Jalaluddin Munir Shah Bukhari

2.      The Capital of USA in:

(A)   New York City

(B)   Chicago

(C)   Lon Angeles

(D)  Washigton, DC

3.      Oyster Rocks, a series of Island, are located in:

(A)   Jiwani

(B)   Pasni

(C)   Thatta

(D)  Karachi

4.      The battle of Uhad took place in:

(A)   625 A.D

(B)   626 A.D

(C)   627 A.D

(D)  624 A.D

5.      The famous leaning tower of Pisa is located in:

(A)   Italy

(B)   France

(C)   London

(D)  Spain

6.      The number of Emirates which comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is:

(A)   Five

(B)   Six

(C)   Seven

(D)  Eight

7.      The capital city of Yeman is:

(A)   Lusaka

(B)   Aden

(C)   Sanaa

(D)  Tashkand

8.      N.A.M stands for:

(A)   Nuclear Atomic Missile

(B)   Native American Movement

(C)   Non-Aligned Movement

(D)  National Assembly Member

9.      The full name of Tipu Sultan was:

(A)   Sultan Fatah Ali

(B)   Sultan Haider Ali

(C)   Sultan Hassan Ali

(D)  Sultam Sheeraz Ali

10.  Which of the following is the oldest University of Pakistan.

(A)   University of Punjab

(B)   University of Sindh

(C)   University of Karachi

(D)  University of Balochistan.

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