Scientific Instruments

Scientific Instruments MCQs


     1.       A Thermometer is used to measure:

A.      Temperature

B.      Heat

C.      Coldness

D.      Speed

     2.       Which instruments are used to measure the pressure of air?

A.      Radio telescope

B.      Barometer

C.      Compass

D.      Electrometer

     3.       Which instruments are used to measure the humidity?

A.      Hydrometer

B.      Hygrometer

C.      Galvanometer

D.      Hexameter

     4.       A device to find close to the North and South geographic poles is called:

A.      Magnet

B.      Compass

C.      Pole meter

D.      None of these

    5.       The ammeter is used to measure _______:

A.      Acidity of water

B.      Electric current

C.      Pollution

D.      None of these

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