Set-2 MCQs (General Knowledge)

1. Which country is largest producer of tea?
A. China
B. Brazil
C. Nepal
D. India

2. The world longest glacier “Lambert” located in:
A. North America
B. Asia
C. Europe
D. Antarctica

3. Who built the “Rohtas Fort” near the Jhelum?
A. Akbar
B. Sher Shah Shuri
C. Humayun
D. Shah Jahan
4. The world’s famous bridge “Golden gate” is located in:
A. New York
B. Mexico
C. London
D. San Francisco

5. Nyere is the currency of____.
A. Niger
B. Nigeria
C. Kenya
D. Togo

6. Which of the following South Asian countries is landlocked:
A. Sri Lanka
B. Bangladesh
C. Bhutan
D. Maldives

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