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Set-4 MCQs (General Knowledge)

31. Which of the following spacecraft enables man to step on the moon first?

A. Sputnik I
B. Luna II
C. Voshod I
D. Apollo
D. Ho Chi Minh

32. Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron ___________?
A. Sir Walter Scott
B. Napoleon
C. Bismarck

33. In which of the following countries Buddhism is followed as their religion?

A. Sri Lanka
B. Korea
C. Japan
D. All of these


When was United Nation formed?

A) 1920
B) 1944
C) 1945
D) 1946

35. The largest copper producing country is:

B. Russia
C. Chile
D. Pakistan

36. Eiffel tower located in _____.
A. Paris

B. Italy
C. New York
D. London

37. In Pakistan iron ore is found in:

A. Muslimbagh
B. Kalabagh
C. Chaman
D. Chagai

38. What is the name of the autobiography of Adolf Hitler?

A. First attack
B. Mein Kampf
C. My sprint
D. Roy of hopes

39. The cell phone was discovered by:
A) Robert brown
B) Graham bell
C) Martin copper
D) N. O. T

40. P.R.C stands for
A. Personal Relationship Certificate.
B. Permanent Residence Character.
C. Permanent Residence Certificate
D. None of these
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