Friday, September 29, 2023

Set-4 MCQs (General Science)

1. Which of the following is most elastic?
A. Rubber
B. Steel
C. Sponge
D. Glass

2. White coal is:
A. Uranium
B. Hydroelectric
C. Ice
D. Salt

3. Which of the following is a conventional source of energy?
A. Wind
B. Solar
C. Hydropower
D. Geothermal

4. What makes a lemon sour?
A. Tartaric acid
B. Citric acid
C. Acetic acid
D. Hydrochloric acid

5. The metal which can join well with the glass?
A. Silver
B. Platinum
C. Nickel
D. Chromium

6. The fourth state of matter is:
A. Solid
B. Liquid
C. Plasma
D. Gas

7. ECG is used for diagnosing ailments connected with:
A. Heart
B. Brain
C. Kidney
D. Longs

8. Which one is the best insulator?
A. Wood
B. Cloth
C. Glass
D. Paper

9. The human eye is sensitive to which light?
A. Yellow
B. Red
C. Blue
D. Green

10. Which of the following gases is used for refrigeration?
A. Chlorine
B. Ammonia 
C. Phosphine
D. Sulphur dioxide

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