Set-6 MCQs (General Knowledge)


1.      Area wise the world’s largest enclosed body of water on earth is:

(A)  Dead Sea

(B)   Sea of Japan

(C)   Caspian Sea

(D)  Read Sea

2.      SMS stands for:

(A)   Swift Message Service

(B)   Secure Message Service

(C)   Short Message Service

(D)  Smart Message Service

3.      The author of book “WHITHER PAKISATN AN: Dictatorship or Democracy” is:

(A)   General Parwaiz Musharaf

(B)   Ayesha Siddique

(C)   Shehzad Nizamuddin

(D)  Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto

4.      Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife:

(A)   Akbarabadi Mahal

(B)   Kandahari Mahal

(C)   Hasina Begum Sahiba

(D)  Mumtaz Mahal

5.      The official language of iran is:

(A)  Persian

(B)   Arabic

(C)   English

(D)  French

6.      Which of the following district of Sindh is popular for mango cultivation?

(A)  Mirpurkhas

(B)   Dadu

(C)   Larkana

(D)  Jacobabad

7.      Karachi is located in the:

(A)   North of Pakistan

(B)   South of Pakistan

(C)   East of Pakistan

(D)  West of Pakistan

8.      The Lahore Resolution was presented by A. K. Fazal Haq in the year:

(A)   1930

(B)   1936

(C)   1940

(D)  1645

9.      The currency of China is:

(A)   Yen

(B)   Yuan

(C)   Ringgit

(D)  Baht

10.  The Arabian sea is part of the:

(A)   Pacific Ocean

(B)   Atlantic Ocean

(C)   Arctic Ocean

(D)  Indian Ocean

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