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Sindh Public Service Commission Past Papers Pdf

SPSC Previous Year Question Paper with Answers PDF download links is given here. Get the SPSC Previous Year papers from this page now. SPSC Past Papers are the best option for preparing any departmental examination of the Sindh Public Service Commission. SPSC previous year question paper PDFs are the most useful tools for being familiar with prior patterns and increasing your efficiency in the exam. You’ll get a good idea of the wide range of questions that have been posted in the SPSC test throughout the years. Once you have studied the Past Papers properly, you can pass the SPSC exam with good marks. Past papers are a compelling option for success in any exam.

This article aims to tell you exactly how to download SPSC Past Papers in pdf and prepare SPSC exam by Past Papers.


SPSC Past Papers

The importance of past papers in any exam is explained in detail above. Similarly, SPSC past papers are important for preparation for SPSC exams.

By reading the SPSC past papers carefully, you can obtain 80% of marks quickly.

We upload SPSC material for your help, in which Latest SPSC Past PapersSample Papers, and SPSC solved model Papers with MCQs for various SPSC exam preparation.

We have also uploaded all the latest editions of SPSC model papers in pdf format for free. You can read SPSC Past Papers online or can download them in pdf format.

You are here to Download SPSC Solved Past Papers in pdfDownload the latest SPSC Past Papers in pdf for any SPSC exam.

SPSC Past Papers

The importance of past papers in any exam is explained in detail above. Similarly, SPSC past papers are important for preparation for SPSC exams.

By reading the SPSC past papers carefully, you can obtain 80% of marks quickly.

We upload SPSC material for your help, in which Latest SPSC Past Papers, Sample Papers, and SPSC solved model Papers with MCQs for various SPSC exam preparation.

We have also uploaded all the latest editions of SPSC model papers in pdf format for free. You can read SPSC Past Papers online or can download them in pdf format.

You are here to Download SPSC Solved Past Papers in pdf. Download the latest SPSC Past Papers in pdf for any SPSC exam.

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List of SPSC Past Papers in pdf

NameDownload Link
SPSC Screening Test Past PapersCCEDownload Now
SPSC Screening Test Past Papers CCEDownload PDF
Provincial Management Service, ETC Past PaperDownload Now
SPSC Additional Registrar PastPapersDownload Now
SPSC ASI Solved Past Papers PdfDownload Now
SPSC Assistant Commissioner PastPapersDownload Now
SPSC Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionPast PapersDownload Now
SPSC Assistant Protocol PastPapers Download Now
SPSC Excise & Taxation Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Food Controller Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Inspector Anti-Corruption Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Superintendent Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC One Paper MCQs GuideDownload Now
SPSC Islamiat Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Computer Science Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Lecturer Botany Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Lecturer Chemistry PastPapersDownload Now
SPSC Education Past Papers pdfDownload Now
SPSC Lecturer Physics Past PapersDownload Now
​SPSCLecturer Economics Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Lecturer Mathematics PastPapersDownload Now
SPSC Political Science PastPapersDownload Now
SPSC Lecturer Commerce Past PapersDownload Now
SPSC Lecturer Pak Studies Past Papers Download Now
SPSC Biology Past PapersDownload Now
Latest SPSC Past Papers & Model PapersDownload Now
SPSC Urdu Past PapersDownload Now

How to fill SPSC Challan Form

SPSC announces advertisements for the recruitment of government employees. The application process for the SPSC exam is done online, where you have to fill out a challan form.

Many applicants have difficulty filling out the SPSC challan form. The challan form is downloaded from the SPSC website, but the challan form is in pdf form.

The applicant can print the challan form and fill it by hand and also can edit to fill the challan form.

How to fill SPSC Challan Form is explained in a few steps below.

Write Your Complete Name

In the second step, you can also write the CNIC number

In the third step, Enter your Post name where you want to apply

Put the fees of the Application Form or Challan form (you can see application form fees on SPSC

In the last step, sign yourself on the challan form

Your challan form has been filled out. Submit the challan form fee to the given bank.

The bank will give you a copy of the challan form as proof when you submit the challan form fee. Take a picture of the challan form. You have to upload the picture of the challan form while applying online on the SPSC website.

You must submit this application to consider for a post as a professor or any other government employment. All applicants must complete the same SPSC challan form or application form, which is straightforward and broad. Whenever a lectureship Job is listed, you must include it in the application form. You must enter the information in the state precisely. There are many steps involved in submitting an online application. The following are the actions that need to take. Now is the time to do so.

Submit SPSC Challan Form Fee

After logging in, click on open jobs. You will send to a page with all available positions. Applicants must first pay the SPSC challan.

·        Get the challan form.

·        Fill in the required information (money, challan number, test center).

·        You must submit the challan to the closest National Bank of Pakistan.

·        Download the SPSC Challan Form

·        Here you can easily download the SPSC Challan Form ZIP file by clicking on the Download Challan Form

How to Fill SPSC Challan Form

Here is the step-by-step procedure to fill SPSC Challan Form.

·        The application form for SPSC should fill carefully, taking in mind the criteria and requirements.

·        If your handwriting is terrible, you may use the application form’s block letters.

·        It would help if you filled all columns. No blank columns.

·        Each position posted by the Commission requires a separate application and fee.

·        Applicants who want to get an acknowledgment must submit their applications via registered mail. No further applications will be accepted.

·        The challan cost for each position advertised.

·        Pay the challan charge at any National or State Bank of Pakistan branch.

·        Applicants from outside Pakistan should bring a Challan fee to the interview.

·        The Commission will not accept a fee refund claim.

·        The applicant should provide authenticated copies of the following certificates:

·        Matriculation certificate or birth certificate from the appropriate Board.

·        The appropriate Board’s Intermediate diploma

·        a diploma from the right university

·        An academic diploma from the appropriate university.

·        PMDC or PEC Registration Certificate (for Doctors and Engineers only)

·        Year-wise marks certificates from the applicable Board/University.

·        District Magistrate’s certificate of residence. 

·        PRC on Form “D” issued by District Magistrate for Public Service Recruitment in Sindh.

·        Option Form stating the topics in which the candidate desires to appear.

·        Option Form indicating preferred posts/services.

·        Only certifications certified by a grade 17 or above officer should be attached.

·        The applicant must attend the interview/test at the Commission’s discretion.

·        The candidate who accuses or insinuates other candidates disqualify.

Download SPSC Roll No. Slips

You may download the slip from their website by following the following instructions:

·        Enter your CNIC number on the online site to get the information.

·        If your title hasn’t come, download it.

·        Print the no-slip roll

·        On exam day, bring the roll number slip to the SPSC support desk.

·        Check SPSC Results Here

You will post the list of approved applicants on the company’s website under the “interview results” section. For the interview, you must pass the exam. Through their website, you’ll be able to find out the date and location of the test center.


How to Prepare for SPSC Exam

After applying for the post of SPSC, the SPSC takes an exam related to your applied post. But how to prepare for the SPSC exam?

To prepare for the SPSC exam, SPSC provides you with the relevant syllabus for your post. To qualify for the exam, you have to follow the syllabus given by SPSC.

Read various books related to the syllabus to prepare for the SPSC exam. A good study of the books will enable you to get good marks in the SPSC exam.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure.” – General Colin Powell

Study the SPSC Past Papers to prepare you well for the SPSC exam. You will be able to get good marks by reading SPSC Past Papers.

Various Model Papers for SPSC exam preparation are available in the market. You can buy them to prepare for the SPSC exam.

The model papers mostly include questions from SPSC Past Papers. We also recommend you SPSC model papers to prepare for the SPSC exam because 90% of the past papers are included in the model papers.

Why Past Papers are Important

Past papers are essential in any exam. Past papers are key to success, from matric to master and even for job exams like FPSC, PPSC, NTS, SPSC, and other exams.

Past Papers’ importance in any exam can be gauged from the fact that Matric to Master level students study Past Papers. They also succeed in getting good marks in exams.

Even in recruitment exams such as FPSC, PPSC, NTS, SPSC, and other testing services, past papers are considered very important because most of the exams’ questions are taken from past papers.

Final Thoughts on SPSC Solved Past Papers

I have told you exactly the downloading method of SPSC Past Papers in pdf for any SPSC exam. I also told you the importance of SPSC Past Papers.

Studying SPSC Past Papers is the key to success in any exam. Now is the time for you to study SPSC Past Papers and succeed with good marks.

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SPSC Contact Number

For any questions about the application or results, you may call the following phone numbers:

Hyderabad022-9200694, 246

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