We’re happy to team up with Educate Sindh to bring you a fun Web Development with HTML & CSS Course. This course will teach you important web development skills through easy-to-follow video lessons.


  1. Introduction: Learn the basics of web development with our HTML & CSS course. You’ll start from scratch and build your way up to creating your own website.
  2. Html Layout: Discover how to structure your web pages using HTML. You’ll learn about tags, elements, and how to create a clean layout.
  3. Style with CSS: Make your website look great with CSS. You’ll learn how to add styles, like colors and fonts, to make your pages visually appealing.
  4. Layout Design: Explore advanced layout techniques. You’ll use CSS to design flexible and responsive layouts that work on all devices.
  5. Deploy Site Online: Learn how to put your website on the internet. You’ll understand the steps to host your site and make it accessible to everyone online.

Course Benefits:

  • Certificate when you finish
  • Online test at the end

How to Enroll

  1. Register Online: Sign up now and join our learning community.
  2. Start Learning: Access all course materials and begin your journey towards mastering WordPress and web design.

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Become a HTML & CSS pro with Educate Sindh! We look forward to seeing you in our community and helping you achieve your web design goals.

Stay tuned for our 2nd post in this exciting series!

Happy Learning,

The Educate Sindh Team