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World Geography

World Geography MCQs

      1.       The highest part of the earth is:

A.      Mt. Everest

B.      K2

C.      Mt. Kilimanjaro

D.      None of these

     2.       The lowest part of the earth is:

A.      Mariana Trench

B.      Dead sea

C.      Death Valley

D.      Lake Assal

      3.       Sea of Japan is famous for:

A.      Fishing

B.      Boating

C.      Salt

D.      Mineral water

     4.       Which is the world largest city (by area):

A.      New York

B.      Tokyo

C.      Beijing

D.      Toronto

      5.       The world smallest state is:

A.      Vatican city

B.      Singapore

C.      San Marino

D.      Chile

      6.       Worldโ€™s smallest Islamic state (by area-wise):

A.      Maldives

B.      Brunei

C.      Morocoo

D.      Syria

      7.       Worldโ€™s largest delta is:

A.      India

B.      Sri Lanka

C.      Japan

D.      Bangladesh

     8.       The largest ocean in the world:

A.      Indian ocean

B.      Arctic ocean

C.      Pacific ocean

D.      Atlantic ocean 

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